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Vortex Earphones

The Vortex earphones are first-class alternative to hear sounds over the phone or computer in silence, with 3. 5 mm audio input, it allows you to operate your phone as a speaker, the handsfree design means you can continue to talk as if your phone was not in use. The earphones are wireless so you can be worn any where you like and the remote control mic makes it basic to keep an eye on work or home.

Vortex Earphones Amazon

The Vortex earphones are new series of earbuds that are top grade for the modern head-fi enthusiast, with a colorful 3. 5 mm earphone remote control, you can control these earbuds with your hands free, the earphones also come with a microphone for calling friends or family members by phone. The Vortex earphones are trio of white earbuds that, though in the same price range, set apart vortex, they have a3. 5 mm port on them, making them excellent for a remote control audio car classic or gaming device, the earbuds also come with a mic, making them handsfree with this type of phone. The Vortex earphones are sterling mix of pink and black, with an 3. 5 mm earphone connection, these earphones are top-notch for music or stereo headset with a voice call, the tight headphones are handsfree and can be used while driving or while working. The earphones are black color and have an 3, 5 mm audio connection for uncomplicated communication. The earphones are designed for use with hands-free communication and can be used with a microphone for a better voice and text chat experience.