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Vava Earphones

At Vava earphones, we want to make it straightforward for you to find a top-rated bluetooth headphones for sports, the Vava earphones are top substitute to enjoy your favorite sports games and music without ever having to leave your living room. With our wireless technology, you can be done with your purchase, making it facile to go out and experience the latest sports trends.

Vava Moov 28 Wireless Sports Earphones

The Vava 28 wireless sports earphones have a control area that allows you to control your earphones with your phone, this area is furthermore the place where you your listening location in the sound. The other area is area where you can talk to your friends and family while the sound is on, the earphones also have a built in microphone and speaker so you can have a conversation in any location with your earphones just by taking them off. The Vava earphones are top-notch pair of headphones for sports and music, they are designed to reduce noise and improve sound quality, while being stylish and durable. Are you digging for a new alternative to hear the news and music? Then you need Vava earphones, these earphones have a wireless bluetooth stereo earphone which makes it facile to hear the news and music. They are aluminum design and they are made of metal so you can trust them, they are outstanding for people who ache to enjoy the best of both worlds. The new parts accessories pack for Vava wireless stereo earphone is an unrivaled surrogate to get more for your money, this pack includes two earphones, two cases, and one sweet rewards points.