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Swimming Earphones

Looking for a waterproof headphones for swimming? Don't look anywhere than the x6, these headphones are designed to hear sound even in water up to 16 feet deep. Plus, their bone-conduction technology will help reduce noise and blues and blacks provide superior sound quality for a practical listening experience.

Sport Earphone In Ear Headsets IP68 Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof For Swimming
& Buds For Ipod Shuffle Mp3 100% Waterproof, Underwater,
& Earplugs Waterproof Ipx8 Buds

Cheap Swimming Earphones

These Swimming earphones are excellent for a shopper who wants sound quality and waterproofing that can't be found in other earphones, they have an 8 gb capacity and are mp3 players that will keep you entertained while in the water. Looking for an alternative to swim with a music player while staying healthy and safe? These Swimming earphones are top-of-the-line for you! With an 8 gb capacity, you can listen to your favorite music while swimming, the 2 pack stereo in-ear Swimming earphones are top-rated solution for suitors who itch for water-resistant headphones with a stylish look. They offer two sets of earbuds, one with and one without the built-in sound, the earbuds are also water-resistant, making them unrivaled for swimming.