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Sentry Earphones

The new mm Sentry earphones have all the features of the more expensive models, but for only $39, 99! These earbuds come with resent audio and video warning signs, and are fantastic for lovers who are digging for an essential sound and vision care tool. The new mm Sentry earphones also include a built in microphone for voice and text chat, as well as a built in camera for taking pictures and videos.

Sentry 2pk Headphone & Ear Phones - Ass. colors 6pc
Sentry BT950 Black w/ Mic in Ear Behind Neck Mount Bluetooth Earphones (NEW)
Sentry BT950 Black with Mic in Ear Behind Neck Mount Bluetooth Earphones

Best Sentry Earphones

The Sentry earphones are outstanding pair of headphones for folks who wish for the best in high-quality audio and fashion, with their expert-crafted neons folding design, you can easily take them with you wherever you go. The earbuds will keep your ears safe and sound; making it a safe and comfortable substitute to hear, the Sentry earbuds come with a black earbuds case and a microphone for basic audio control. They are also comfortable to wear and actively noisy when needed, the earbuds are able to hear clear and faint audio signals. The earbuds are high-quality and durable, with a long and comfortable cord, they are effortless to charge and are ready for use right away. The Sentry earbuds are enticing ears for your creative noontide world, with their neon hue, they will make a statement at your work or school picnic. The earbuds are trilingual with both an english and a spanish speaking variety, and when it comes to sound, the Sentry neon earbuds are back to their old standby, the sound of thunder. With features such as a mic and earphone cups, the Sentry earbuds are fantastic addition to your work or school picnic, the Sentry earbuds are first-rate pair of earphones for your music career. With their bright, colorful design, they are first-class addition to your arsenal of earphones, with a red card and ear bud, it's effortless to connect and control your music with ease.