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Sentey Earphones

Earbuds are excellent audio experience when listening to your favorite tracks, with level in-ear headphones, these earbuds give you a top level of audio quality for listening to your favorite tracks. Whether you’re on the go or carrying a lot of music, these earbuds are sure to keep you focused and enjoying your music.

Sentey Earphones Walmart

The earbuds are new series of earbuds from the audiophile level, they are made from metal and features a built in microphone and speaker on the front headphone. They come in red and black, and are available in music and movie genres, the sentry earphones are new series of earphones that have received a lot of popularity and respect among gamers and music lovers alike. They feature a soft and comfortable headband and flow pro design which makes them feel very facile to additionally, the volume control feature means that you can always have your desired level of at hand, earbuds are top-grade audio experience when listening to your favorite music. With metal with their high-quality flow control and durable construction, these headphones will keep your gaming experience smooth and consistent, plus, the music volume control makes it uncomplicated to control your music wherever you go.