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Otium Wireless Sports Earphones

If you enjoy sport, then you need Otium Wireless earbuds, they are exceptional device for keeping you motivated while you're out there playing. With their ipx7 water resistant protection, they can take some abuse, but be warned, these earbuds can also be controlled with your phone to pause and stop automatically.

Best Otium Wireless Sports Earphones

These earphones are designed for sports, they are bluetooth enabled and have an audio quality that is good for an earphone for outdoor activities. The Otium Wireless headphones are splendid pair of earphones for phone calls com payments, the Otium bluetooth headphones are team effort that involves the hard work of o2 who are the manufacturers. The earphones were designed with in-house customer and user experience in mind, the earphones come complete with an 2-hour battery life and are compatible with 2-inch and 3-inch screen sizes. Additionally, the Otium bluetooth headphones are also compatible with the android and ios platforms, the Otium Wireless Sports earphones are peerless way to enjoy the game without having to locat and carrying any additional devices. Whether you're scouring to of these earphones or not, these earphones are sure to please, with up to 200 feet of range, the earphones are beneficial for Sports fans who covet to stay connected with the game. Additionally, the water resistant design means that they will stay in place even when you're already putting some stress on your hearing, the Otium Wireless Sports earphones have a modern design and feel. They are facile to.