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Metal Earphone

Metal Earphone earbuds for gaming, music, or just for fun! These earbuds are peerless level of loud and clear for listening to music or gaming without feeling overwhelming, they are also lightweight and comfortable to wear for any activity.

Steel Earphones

The steel earphones come with 6 ear-like ear cups, which can be placed in any ear, the earphones will stay in place by using a combination of magnetic and electricity. The earphones also come with a built in microphone, which can be used to speak, listen to audio files, and control other devices, the Metal bluetooth earphones have a high accuracy and are water resistant. They have a search coil battery and a high accuracy of 0, they are designed for use with the waterproofing system. The bluetooth earphones are outstanding balance of innovative and facile to use, with its 5. 0 mini headband and wireless earphones, the is a top-of-the-line pair of headphone for frequency spectrum lovers, with its acclaimed sound quality and no-nonsense design, the is terrific for a suitor hunting for a reasonable-cost headphones. The klipsch ii true wireless earphones t5 ii true wireless- gunmetal- open box are valuable match for your next music experience, with klipsch's trademarked quality and features, the ii are designed with your every day live performance in mind. The earphones come with each individual's specific personal and control, music played on a phone or other audio device, into your ears with an easy-to-use, lightweight design, simply turn on your Earphone and go to "iers" and klipsch will automatically start sending audio and video content to your no need to worry about that extra time or effort. The ii true wireless earphones t5 ii will connect to your multi-networks intelligence festivity.