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Iriver Earphones

The Iriver earphones come with an idp-1000 e dynamic sound earphone, this earphone offers you a twist-able design that makes it uncomplicated to get a top-grade sound for your music. The earphones also come with an antistatic design that will keep your clothes clean and free of dirt and bacteria.

Top 10 Iriver Earphones

The Iriver earphones come with an idp-1000 which is a noise-cancellation earphone, it can be turned off if you want to enjoy a more quiet environment. The earphones can be or carried around with you, and can last up to 10 hours on one single charge, the earphones have a twist-up design which makes it effortless to take on and off. The earphones also come with a case to protect them, the new Iriver earphones are valuable solution for shoppers who covet a practical sound quality when listening to music or audio books. With their dynamic driver earbuds, you can easily hear the sounds of the environment you are in, additionally, the new design makes these earphones highly durable and effortless to hold. Finally, the overall noise level can be lowered with the low end of the Iriver earphones, the Iriver earphones will give you the most out of your music with its dynamic sound technology. This earphones come with a for a better fit and a twist for a better sound experience, you will also find an open type head phone design that makes it effortless to breathe. The earphones are top-grade deal, i bought them because i wanted to listen to music and watch a movie at the same time. They work well and are very comfortable, i would recommend them to anyone.