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Hype Luxe Pro Earphones

The Hype Luxe Pro earphones are top-notch answer to your earphones' question of how loud they are, with their noise-cancelling features, these earphones are beneficial for causal users who don't want to hear your music blasting or showing up on their tv. Plus, the features of the Hype Luxe Pro earphones make them top-of-the-line for use in a work setting, when you need peace of mind that your audio is being left up to you.

Hype Luxe Pro Earphones Walmart

The Luxe Pro wired rose colore earphones feature high-quality audio with an isolation case, these earphones are practical for a person who wants a beneficial sound quality when listening to your favorite songs or streaming services. Withhirang's noise-cancelling earphones feature a soft, luxurious fabric case to keep your ears warm and you the Luxe Pro earphones come with an 14-hour power limit and an 3-month warranty, are you scouring for a new earphones set? Then you need to sound out Hype Luxe Pro wired rose colore hands free earphones noise iso w case new a14. These earphones are sure to give your music playing experience a boost, making you feel more at ease, plus, the stylish design will make you look like a million bucks. If you're wanting for a hands-free earphone that will allow you to listen to your music without ever having to take your hands off your phone, then don't look anywhere than the Hype Luxe pro, these earphones come with a bass boosting feature which will allow you to hear more sound when you're singing or listening to your music on your car ride. Additionally, the mic-bonus case will help to protect the earphones during transport and keep them in good condition, looking for a new earphones experience? Don't search more than the Hype Luxe Pro wired rose colore earphones. These earphones are all about flavor of the textured Luxe Pro design, with a stylish case, these earphones are first-rate way to enjoy life without any noise pollution.