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Htc Vive Earphones

This helpful tutorial will show you how to extend the reach of your Htc Vive vr headgear with an 8-meter length ofhc-566 earphone wire, this inch-longer wire can be easily bundled with accessories to create a workable connection for your set-up. The hc-566 earphone wire is an excellent alternative for enthusiasts wanting to add a new generation of vr gamers to their set-up, while also providing some extra length to your overall vr headset entertainment system.

Htc Vive Earphones Ebay

Looking for a choice to increase your Htc Vive vr experience? For Htc Vive vr headset extension cable wire earphone audio line is extension cable will help you do just that! It features an easy-to-use female plymouth contacted end, which makes it uncomplicated to put on and take off your headphones, while the dark black and makes them in your favorite color, plus, for a further increase in audio quality, these earphones are equipped with in your favorite color. This cables is for the Htc Vive vr headset and is produced of wire, it is about 3' long and is wrapped in tube. The is turned on each end and is filled with tinfoil to make it look like a headspace, the end with the tinfoil is used to grab the ear buds when you put them on. This cable is designed to solve the issue of earphones not working with a Htc Vive vr headset, this cable is produced of high-quality, and options for3 types of earphones: regular, pro, and gold. These earphones come with a top opportunity to enjoy your favorite shows and activities while you take your vr experience to the next level, with these earphones, you can watch "the crown" or " parcel " while using your Vive vr experience. Alternatively, you can watch "the crown" with default setting but with "-depth of field" setting will allow you to see the text or images in the image more clearly.