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Frog Earphones

Our Frog earphones come with an adorable earplug and a set of earmuffs, so you can stay warm while listening to your music. They also come with an easy-to-use app that lets you control your ears sounds, volume, and sound quality.

Rainforest Cafe FM Auto Tuning Radio - New in Package, Rare! Frog with Earphones

Rainforest Cafe FM Auto Tuning

By Rainforest Cafe


For Sennheiser G4ME ZERO HD380 Earpads Pad Cushion Earphone Sleeve Earmuffst
3D Case Cute Cartoon Pig Shockproof Earphone Cover For Apple Airpods Pro 2 1

3D Case Cute Cartoon Pig

By Unbranded


3D Case Cartoons Cute Radio Animals Airpods Earphone Cover For Airpods 1 2 3

3D Case Cartoons Cute Radio

By Unbranded


3D Case Cartoons Cute Silica gel Animals Donuts Earphone Cover For Airpods 1 2 3

3D Case Cartoons Cute Silica

By Unbranded


Best Frog Earphones

The Frog earphones sleeve is a comfortable fit for your earphones with a touch of fabric to keep them in place, the earmuffs are hard, sleek design with a comfortable fit and are surrounded by a natural fabric pad. The kit includes a "cushion" type device case and is complete with all the necessary items to get started, our cute felt Frog grape pendant earphone case for apple is dandy for protecting your ears when you're out and about. The case as well a splendid place to keep your phone when you're not needed it because it doesn't have our Frog earphones are exceptional surrogate to protect your ears from the outside out and still look stylish, they are available in white and black and come with our pro charging cover. The Frog earphones offer you with an enticing alternative to protect your heard from the outside world, with these earphones in your ear, you can have a top-notch heard for music playback. The earmuffs are also very important for keeping your hear away from the sweat and dirt, the pad cushion kit is in like manner very handy for sleeping on your ear. The Frog earphones set includes a pair of sennheiser g4 earphones with our Frog protector and sennheiser g4 rug pad, the package also includes a set of earmuffs, earpads, and a cat ears design.