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Etymotic Earphones

The etymotic research evo three driver earphones with linum bax t2 detachable cab is the perfect earphone for those who want great sound quality and are looking for a pair of earphones that can be taken with you wherever you go. With an updated sound design and a longer lasting battery, these earphones are sure to give you the hours you need for your music cd's and longer.

Etymotic Research Earphones

The etymotic research earphones are the perfect way to enjoy music without having to take off your head. They are tough and durable, making them perfect for competitive sports or for using while gaming. They are also easy to charge and are always in perfect condition. If you’re looking for a earphones that will help you sound better and be more focused, look no further!

Etymotic Earphone

The etymotic research er2xr extended response high performance in-ear earphones are perfect for those who need loud and clear sound. With an opera-like voice quality, these earphones provide a great experience with today's music. Whether for work or for pleasure, these earphones are sure to make a statement. the etymotic research studio edition high performance in-ear earphones are designed for modern music lovers. With their latest model, the research studio edition, the earphones have advanced features that make them the perfect choice for those who want the best sound quality and durability around. Plus, the earphones come with a year's worth of sound quality data that helps you troubleshoot and maintain your earphones. etymotic are the latest take on noise-isolating earphones. With their new etymotic er3 noise-isolating earphones, you can expect greater sound quality and an end-to-end noise-cancellation system. These earphones are the perfect choice for those who want the perfect sound quality and noise-cancellation experience. the etymotic research er4xr extended response are the perfect earphones for those who want sound that is truly professional quality. With their innovative extension response, these earphones provide an extended response that results in better hearing. Additionally, the earphones contain no metalkeleton structure and are made from durable and lightweight ear cups.