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Earphone Sponge

Introducing the earphone sponge headphones earphones headset! This sponge cushion will help your earpads keep your headphones in place while you listen to your favorite songs. It is made of soft and comfortable earbuds and will help keep your head safe from any damage. Get your set today and let the listening process be a breeze!

Earphone Pad

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Earphone Sponge Ebay

This product is a earphone sponge for headset use. It comes with 10 x 40mm foam pads and a 40mm earplug. It can be used to cover the listening position on a headset. It is also good for cleaning the ears and headband. the earphones sponge is a soft foam sponge earpad that helps to keep your earphones in place and covers your listening area. This product is 5pairs with a 60mm 2. 35 headband and comes with aearphones sponge earpads cover. The earphones are then covered in the soft foam sponge and the cover is removed easily with a wire brush. the earphone sponge is a great way to keep your earbuds in condition! This coarser material will help to avoid sounds and vibrations from fence-ing out what's going on in your listening area. Plus, the"new-for-market" design provides a bit more sound quality than thefoam earbuds you can buy separately.