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Earphone Splitter

Your audio sources as if they were each other's ears audio from one ear to the other in 2 colors (black or white).

Earphone Splitter Amazon

Looking for a stylish and reliable alternative to share the com with your friends and family? This is a top-notch solution! This adapter allows you to charge your mobile devices while connected to the com, so you can stay connected and enjoy your music, video, and others services while on the go, the Earphone Splitter is a three-way audio y Splitter that allows for stereo audio and video viewing in a device that includes phone susan and device susan. The Earphone Splitter also includes a stereo aux jack for adding an extra audio input or output to a device, the Earphone Splitter is- 1. For use with phone susan 2, for use with phone susan and device susan 3. Sold as a part of Earphone Splitter sets 4, customer feedback presents been positive 5. These are no-nonsense, easy-to-use devices the Earphone Splitter is an outstanding tool for splitting audio cables between headphones and other devices, this cable is fabricated of durable aluminum and grants a tough design that will keep your phone clean and free from marks. The audio cable is again versatile because it can be used with or without the earphone, this cable is top-of-the-line for suitors who itch to listen to their music or video without ever having to take off their headphones. The Earphone Splitter is an 3, 5 mm stereo audio male to 2 female head phone mic cable adapter that helps keep your hands free for other important things. This cable is sensational for keeping your music and voices organized while you are talking or working.