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Earphone Repair

We are 3, 5 mm male Repair shop that specializes in service for all types of audio devices. We have a wide range of male Repair products to suit any need, we offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Top 10 Earphone Repair

This is an 3, 5 mm male plug that can be used to Repair headphones. The plug can be used to solder together new and repaired headphones, the plug can also be used to test the new connection. Looking for an alternative to fix your audio jack? Analyze our 4 pole 3, 5 mm 18 male Repair headphone jack plug metal audio soldering page to find everything you need to get your Earphone fixed. This bay brand new product is a splendid value as it is an 3, 5 mm audio jack plug with 18 male fixings. The bay's com offers 24 months warranty, so you can be sure you're getting a product made with care, parts and resources to fix your earphones. We also provide guidance on how to fix each Earphone problem, this is an Earphone Repair article based on the events of: 6. 35 mm 14 male stereo Repair headphone microphone jack plug audio soldering, if you have an Earphone that is not working or is malfunctioning due to proper repair, we can help you fix it. We offer silver-colored earbuds and an 3-month warranty for the price of $5, we also offer an 7-day return policy.