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Earphone Detangler

Our Detangler keywords are silicone headphone cord wire organizer Detangler holder wrap wind black, if you're searching for an extra tool to keep on hand, don't search more than our cable organizer detangler! This black Detangler features silicone material to keep wires out of the way, and an included wind strip to help keep your headphones secure.

Earphone Detangler Walmart

This Earphone Detangler keywords Earphone detangler, silicone headphone cable, wire, organizer, detangler, holder, wrap, wind, silicone headphone cable, wire, organizer detangler, holder, wrap, wind. The Earphone Detangler is a top way to keep your headphones digging good no matter where you may be carrying them, this wrap will keep your earphones and other headphones hunting good, even in the rain or snow. The Detangler is again top-of-the-line for straps, wraps and even accessories, this is a sensational item to have on hand for any audiophile or anyone wanting for a first-rate headphones. Looking for a substitute to keep your headphones scouring and feeling in good condition? This Earphone organizer Detangler holder wrap wind black is perfect! It's made of durable silicone and renders a self-tangling system, making it excellent for keeping your and wire organized, plus, it's basic to use, just take it off when you're done listening to check your phone's beeping or other noise. The Detangler is manufactured of durable silicone and is easily accessible with a quick ratio so you can get to it quickly, the wrap is manufactured of 100% cotton and is comfortable to wear.