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Earphone Adapter

Dongles are important part of a store, they can help shoppers find the right headphones and help to make sales. The apple iphone 3, 5 mm aux cord dongle is top-rated for users without an 3. 5 mm input on their computer, it allows them to handle their iphone 3. 5 mm input without having to remove the headphones.

Earphones Adapter

This is an earphones Adapter for the iphone 3, 5 mm audio cord. It converts an average earphones style earphones into a pass-through Earphone for your device, the earphones Adapter also provides an 3. 5 mm audio input and type audio output, these Earphone adapters will allow you to connect your iphone to a third-party audio cable or sound system. The Earphone Adapter will convert to an 5 mm for your device and provide the necessary audio quality, this is an 8 pin to 3. 5 mm Adapter for the iphone 78 pro, it is an excellent Adapter for folks who crave to operate their audio ears on their iphone. The Adapter grants a black color and is fabricated of durable plastic, it is further compliant with us and australian officers. So you can use it with your music, videos and other apps with ease, this is an audio cable that connects an iphone 3. 5 mm jack on your computer to a dongle on the earphone, this allows you to listen to your iphone audio files online.