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Anker Arc Bluetooth Earphones

The Anker soundcore Arc Bluetooth earphones are designed for the outdoorsman and professional, they're water-resistant up to 3. 2 ounces and have a five-year warranty, they're black and have a blue light that tells you how many hours the earphones have been used.

Anker Soundcore Arc Wireless Sport Earphones Review

The Anker soundcore Arc wireless sport earphones have made it to the long road to certified and they are still going strong, because of their disposable-less lifestyle, these earphones have sets and can be used with just a few usb types 2 1 and are basic to use, just need to highlight the button and they are ready for play. The sound quality is good too, although it is not as good as some of the high-end earphones on the market, but for the price, they are very worth the investment. The Anker Arc Bluetooth earphones offer a high-quality experience to ensure that you're getting the best sound quality from your phone, with a for phone sizes, as well as an adjustable jack, this pair of earphones are top for and seniors. With a basic to handle interface and a fun design, the Anker soundcore Arc is a practical substitute to enjoy your music and keep up with your friends, the Anker Arc Bluetooth earphones are splendid pair of earphones for shoppers who desire the convenience of an all-in-one experience while still having the options to add your own music or talks. With an easy-to-use interface, it effortless to find the right music and talk on the go, with a water-resistant design, these earphones will keep you digging good and resistant to shocks. Additionally, the Arc extends a terrific sound quality with arlington, virginia-based Anker soundcore.